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The Code of myLuvMe.com is binded for all members. The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between myLuvMe.com and members.

myLuvMe.com purposes to issue and promote any news. Member has confirmed, read, understood and agree to accept and abide myLuvMe.com Member Code (including the terms and conditions).


When you join myLuvMe.com as a member, we need to know your name, email and mailing addresses. We hope that you complete the profile survey on a voluntary basis in order to allow us to serve you better.

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Personal Data

The personal data collected will be used for the following purposes: membership registration; fulfilling your orders for products and services, order processing and payment clearing; responding to your inquiries, suggestions and opinions; and fulfilling any purpose directly related to the above purposes.

The provision of such personal data is voluntary. However, we may not be able to fulfill the purposes stated above or provide service to you if such data have not been provided. We may contact you to verify the accuracy of the data supplied. We will not retain your personal data longer than necessary. If any question, please contact LuvMe Customer Service Center:info@myluvme.com / +852-3595-2477

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Our goal at myLuvMe.com is to make your shopping experience safe, convenient and worry free. At info@myluvme.cominfo@, all your personal information is protected in transit by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data (name, address, credit card number) from being read by anyone over the Internet.info@

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