Hand Cream+ SPF10

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Capacity / Size: 50 mL

Give them the attention they deserve with the Eve Lom Hand Cream+ SPf 10. Rich, yet easily absorbing it keeps your hands moisturised and soft, while also protecting against environmental damage. Suitable for everyone and especially recommended for those who work outdoors.

Hand Cream SPF + 10 keeps your hands looking supple and line-free. Rich in antioxidants, an SPF of 10, edelweiss extract and shea butter guard against environmental damages and sun exposure.

Vitamins A and E keep skin young looking while jojoba oil and beeswax seal in moisture. The natural exfoliators salicylic acid and kokum butter smooth and brighten the skin and keep your hands looking soft and supple.

* Since the product is ready by the oversea office, the delivery is required around 14 - 21 days.




Body Care


Hand Cream+ SPF10


Shea Butter, Salicylic Acid, Kokum etc.




Soothing / Hydrating / Moisturizing

Skin Type:



Give them the attention they deserve with the Eve Lom Hand Cream+ SPf 10.

How to Use:

Massage a small amount into the hands, working in the knuckles. Apply to the back of the hands and sweep across from thumb to small finger. This action helps prevent the hands wrinkling.

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